Ask Your Candidate about UBI

Let’s ask candidates running in the European Elections 2024 and their political parties what they think about Basic Income and possible related EU level policies!

What would be your questions?

What questions should we ask from candidates standing at the upcoming European Parliament elections? Remember: We want to engage them in a discussion about UBI and how it relates to various policy challenges that moves them and their voters. So just asking bluntly “are you in favour of UBI” will in most cases result in a “yes”, “no” or “maybe”, but not lead to an open discussion. But which questions would? We need your ideas! 

Example questions

What do you find interesting about the basic income concept?

Would you rather support UBI being introduced in the EU as a whole or would you leave this to the member states?

Would a partial basic income paid by the EU to all residents make it more likely that member states top it up to a full UBI?

Could a UBI make our societies more resilient and give citizens more security in times of crisis?

Should the EU support member states or regions that want to conduct a basic income pilot financially?

Were, in your opinion, people more likely to support climate policies that put financial burden on them if they received a basic income?

Should the EU pay a climate bonus to all residents – like the Klimageld in Austria?

What is your understanding of poverty? How can we reduce and/or eliminate it in Europe?

What happens next?

1. Gathering Questions

In the first phase, we would like to collect your proposals for questions to the candidates. If we have received a sufficient number of good ideas, we will ask you to vote on your favourite ones.

2. Mobilizing Partners

We want to make this campaign really big. So the next step is reaching out to other organisations (not just UBI advocates) and encouraging them to join us with their questions. Are you active in other civil society groups? Help us to get them on board!

3. Fundraising

A good campaign needs some solid finances. We want to be able to spend money on coordination, campaign material, and advertising. Our plan is to launch a fundraising call at the beginning of 2024.

4. Asking Candidates

From March-April 2024 until Election Day, we will enter the “hot” campaign phase and start confronting candidates and sharing their answers on our websites and social media.

Get on board!

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