Basic income advocates from around the globe will gather for the 18th Basic Income Earth Network Congress between 23-26 August 2018 in Finland. The “Tampere Express” connects people travelling to the Congress with all other basic income supporters on the way there. And here is the plan:

Whether you’ll be on your way to the BIEN Congress or not: Between 19-21 August, you can raise a glass to this important event and meet fellow basic income advocates at one of the numerous “Tampere Express” meetups around Europe!

Also, if you’re travelling eco-consciously by train and/or bus to Tampere and need a couch to crash on, let us know where and we’ll try to help you to find UBIE members or other basic income activists on your way who can host you.

Meet-ups that are already confirmed:

Map of the Tampere Express

Tampere Express

Meet-ups being planned:

  • 20 August:
    • Budapest
    • Paris
    • Zürich
  • 21 August:
    • Hamburg

If you would like us to publicise your local meeting or can offer a couch to travelling UBIE activists, please get in touch with us at!