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The European Youth Event (EYE2023) will take place on 9 and 10 June this year and UBIE was selected to host a workshop related to Basic Income, under the title “The future is us: building our ideal society“.

The European Youth Event is a bi-annual event organized by the European Parliament in Strasbourg and will feature both in-person and hybrid activities. Thousands of young people from all over the European Union and the world will take part in activities co-created with institutions, international organizations, civil society, youth organizations and participants themselves, offering a space for discussions and networking.

Following the success of the previous EYE editions, we are now forming a new delegation of young Europeans to represent UBIE!

A voice of youth for Basic Income!

The Youth Group of Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) has been selected to host a workshop during the European Parliament’s flagship event for youth.

This allows us to host an amazing workshop related to Unconditional Basic Income, and to gather a team of young basic income enthusiasts from all over Europe to represent UBIE and advocate for Basic Income at the European Parliament.

This year we take it to the next level

  • We’re holding a workshop on “The future is us: building our ideal society”
  • We’re building up on our success in the previous years: EYE2018, EYE Online, EYE2021
  • In light of the European Parliament Elections 2024, our delegates will contact MEPs and convince them to sign an open letter in support of Basic Income.
  • Are you 16-30 and reside in an EU member state? You can join us! Apply here until Feb 24!

We are immensely grateful to the European Parliament for selecting our activity and even more so for agreeing to reimburse a part of the expenses of our delegation!

However, much like conditional welfare policies, the problem with reimbursements is that they require you to cover the expenses in advance and only help you afterwards. This puts those most disadvantaged in a difficult position and possibly excludes them from civic participation.

We believe in Basic Income exactly because it prevents unfair situations like this from happening. We’ve also took extra efforts to ensure our group is diverse enough to represent frequently under-represented communities, so it would be against our values to let them down now.

This is why we need your support to cover the practical costs of civic participation proactively for our youth!

UBIE Youth Group with MEP Julie Ward at the European Youth Event 2018

Yes, that is the photo of two of our delegates from EYE2021, Mariona and Marijana, selected as the official photo the European Parliament uses for promoting the event!


🚀 Let's put Basic Income on the EU agenda!

Only with your help we can ensure youth has a voice for Basic Income in Europe!

We need 3.000 Euros

The European Youth Event is taking place on June 9-10 in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. We’ve already been working hard with our delegates to make the best of this incredible opportunity! With your support, we will be able to cover:

Travel Expenses

We want to fully cover train/bus/plane ticket costs for all our delegates


We would like to rent a place that allows for our group to stay together for the full duration of the event


We want to be able to fully cover food and subsistence costs for our delegates during the event








Be pioneers for Basic Income

Our Youth Group is ready to shape the future at the European Youth Event.
Our workshop this year is titled “the future is us” after all.

Our delegates are ready to convince MEPs to support Basic Income in time for the European Parliament elections in 2024

We can make this happen!

Let’s make history together.

Want a nice memory?

A postcard from Strasbourg

A donation of 30€ or more will get you a postcard from Strasbourg, signed by one of the delegates you supported!

A group photo in front of the Parliament

For a donation of 100€ or more we will take a group photo in front of the European Parliament, holding a banner with your name on!

Your logo on our t-shirts

For a donation of 1000€ or more we will print custom t-shirts for all our delegates with your company logo (or name) on them!

You can use the form above to make a contribution. Alternatively, we are also happy to receive donations via PayPal or transferred directly to our bank account in Belgium:


Unconditional Basic Income Europe
IBAN: BE09 3631 5100 1657
Bank: ING Belgique SA

Reference: “EYE2023”

Our participation in the European Youth Event (EYE) is particularly important for us, as our Youth Group was essentially built from the delegation of UBIE that participated in the last edition of the EYE in 2018 and has strengthened youth participation so much internally that members of our youth group got elected into our board twice afterwards!

Our aim this year is to go to Strasbourg with a more diverse group in order to maximise the impact of our participation without having to worry about covering our basic needs while we do our duty as active citizens. This is particularly important for under-represented countries and communities in Europe.

We already have such a group! But we can’t fulfil our goal to go to the flagship event of the European Parliament for youth with the most diverse and inclusive group without your support!

We all know from experience how difficult it is to volunteer for Basic Income (or any cause we personally believe in for that matter), without having a…Basic Income, to ensure we can be active citizens without risking our survival on the way. It’s among the core reasons we’re fighting for our cause!

UBIE at the EYE2018
Some of our delegates from the EYE 2018!

About us

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is an international network of activists and initiatives. We advocate for the implementation of Basic Income in Europe and its recognition as a Universal Human Right.

UBIE was born out of the European Citizens’ Initiative for an Unconditional Basic Income in 2013/14, which gathered the support of over 300,000 EU citizens. Today, we connect over 400 active members from more than 30 countries across the continent.

We organise regular meetings in cities all over Europe, develop projects and campaigns to promote basic income, and raise public awareness as well as support among decision makers at European and national level. As a result of our efforts, basic income is now on the agenda in the policy debates of many European countries.

Participants of the 19th Congress of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)

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