EYE2018: UBIE youth at European Parliament

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Every year the EU parliament organises a huge event called European Youth Event (EYE2018) in Strasbourg. It is a unique opportunity for young Europeans to meet and make their voices heard. 

Our programme

  • Distribution of a booklet “UBI proposals for Europe” (if funded).
  • proposing meetings with MEPs

1 -2 June

  • Participation in EYE2018 activities
  • One UBIE speaker at the
    “Basic Income: Return of Robin Hood” roundtable

3 June

  • Internal workshop “Strategies to implement a European Basic Income”, opened to the public

Did you know that robots paying us a basic income could have been possible in 2017? 

MEP Mady Delvaux proposed a BI based on robot-tax. Only 14 votes were missing! The idea was to compensate the impact of automation on the European job market.

This is not our only proposal. UBIE is a non-profit organisation that aims at the implementation of the basic income in Europe and beyond. Euro-dividend, European wide basic income for children, Agrarian Basic income our Eco-basic income, the roads for a full basic income are plenty. In Strasbourg, we want to continue the dialogues with decision-makers and make new alliances with youth groups.

Des livrets à imprimer et distribuer si l’objectif du crowdfunding est atteint !

20 participants from 10 nationalities

Whether they are students, UBI researchers, UBI advocates or just new members discovering the world of EU advocacy, together they will increase their EU citizenship thanks to participation at this event. We hope they will network with advocates from other causes and bring something new back in their own countries. We also hope they will encourage their national groups to take Europe into account in their strategies for a social and fairer society.

Coordinator of the project, Speaker at UBI Roundtable. I advocate for basic income in France and Europe since 2015. Within UBIE, I belong to the Agrarian Basic Income group and European Child UBI.

Aurélie Hampel

French in Spain

Self-development aficionado, passionate about life and helping people reach a new level in their infinite potential. Join me in the quest of leveling the human species up.
Current focus: Growth hacking, blockchain, & A.I.

Jure Jakomin

Slovenian in Amsterdam

Italian, born in Brussels and living in Maastricht, I feel more than anything a European citizen. After having studied politics and society in Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, I am currently writing my thesis about a feminist case for UBI

Alessandra Bianchi


Together let’s reach 5000€

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30€ = 1 night in Strasbourg
150€ = travel cost of 1 participant
240€ = 1 participant supported
1000€ = covers a venue for Sunday workshop








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