Call for contributions is closed


We are organising a series of five conferences on the theme “UBI in Europe – Promoting civil society” in order to promote unconditional basic income (UBI) in Europe over the next year.

We would like to call for contributions (pdf here) for the first conference: UBI as a response to social inequality in Europe to be held in Maribor, Slovenia, 19th-20th March 2015.

The invitation is open to all European citizens with a wider interest in unconditional basic income who wish to share their findings and research with a European network. The conference in Maribor will explore the following key themes:

  • Different social support­ systems and inequality
  • Reaching social cohesion in Europe – Basic Income as one possible solution

How to participate:

Papers/Articles/Statements/Workshops/Discussion Groups

We welcome scientific papers, political statements, reports or articles on a topic relevant to unconditional basic income and the key themes of the conference. Please send in an abstract or a full text ( between 800 -2500 words). We aim to present a broad variety of different papers, lectures, workshops and discussion groups.


In order to make it a participatory event and invite a wide range of approaches to basic income we also welcome creative input from photo exhibitions, videos to interactive performances, actions and events to take place onsite during the conference. Please send in a short description and/or images in standard format (pdf, jpg, mp4, doc, ppt, odt or odf) about your proposal. The selected works will be incorporated into the concept for a European exhibition around UBI.


The deadline for proposals is 8th January. We will contact you with further details and conditions for your contribution by the 15th February.

The following conferences are planned for the future:

  • ­Minimum Income vs. Basic Income – Paris, France, 19th -20th June 2015
  • Stimulating Social Cohesion and Peace – The Hague, Netherlands,  17th -18th Sept. 2015 ­
  • National UBI vs. UBI in Europe – Budapest, Hungary, 5th – 6th Dec. 2015 ­
  • UBI and Degrowth – Cologne, Germany, 26th – ­28th Feb. 2016 ­

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