Unconditional Basic Income Europe’s current strategy, adopted by our General Assembly in Maribor in March 2015, defines the following four main goals for our work:
Levy support in the EU Institutions and stakeholders and facilitate cooperation between them

Make Unconditional Basic Income a hot topic in the mainstream world

Assert the feasibility of and arguments for UBI and make it a credible and attractive alternative for Europe

Activate and grow UBIE while making it appealing, fun and friendly!

We work towards these objectives by developing policy proposals and organising awarness-raising campaigns. We have also ongoing lobbying activities at EU level and organise regular meetings across Europe.

Policy Proposals

Together with experts and research organisations across Europe, we are working on policy proposals for implementing Basic Income mechanisms on the European level:

Basic Income Pilots

UBIE advocates for more Basic Income experiments throughout Europe based on jointly agreed minimum criteria, and calls on the European Union to co-finance those as well as their joint scientific evaluation. Basic Income policies could contribute to a more positive perception of the union among its citizens.

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Europe needs bolder and stronger instruments to counter the forces of disintegration. The Eurodividend (a partial Basic Income paid to all EU citizens) could become the policy that safeguards the EU and especially the Eurozone from asymmetric economic shocks and reconciles citizens with the idea of European integration.

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Agrarian Basic Income

The current industrial food system is facing a crisis of environmental degradation, health issues and pressures on farmers livelihood. We believe in the transformative potential of a basic income to further the transition towards fairer and more sustainable food systems.

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Campaigns and Debates

UBIE initiates and supports campaigns and public debates that raise awareness and inspire action regarding Basic Income:


For millions across Europe, steps taken by the authorities to contain the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic meant the partial or total loss of their income. Only one instrument can immediately guarantee that no one’s economic security and existence is threatened: Basic Income.

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Basic Income Tea

Cut off from other basic income activists due to quarantine and travel restrictions? Excited about basic income discussed as the right tool in these times, but not sure how to help convincing decision makers? Worried which news you can trust and which not?

Basic Income Tea is UBIE’s informative and entertaining webinar series for lockdown times and beyond.

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Exhibition: Wow! Basic Income!

How does it feel to live in a society with a Basic Income? How would Basic Income affect my personal way of life? How would Basic Income become reality? What might the outcome be when people accept and deal with the freedom and responsibility linked to a Basic Income?

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Get Involved

Contribute to our projects or initiate your own!


On several occasions we have managed to get unconditional basic income discussed in the European Parliament and in the Council of Europe. We submitted our position on the EU’s Social Pillar consultation to the European Commission, gave evidence to the Council of Europe, and addressed Members of the European Parliament to refer to unconditional basic income in reports on the future of the welfare state in Europe. We continue to bring the debate on basic income to the attention of European decision makers.


In order to work well together across vast distances we need to meet regularly face to face. Our meetings usually include public conferences in relevant locations about Unconditional Basic Income, combined with our members working on our projects together. Due to lack of funds for interpretation, our meetings are normally in English. Whenever funds allow it though, we try to offer bilingual meetings to make it easier for local participants to join in.

We have at least one General Assembly and two or three other meetings during the year. So far we have met in Brussels, Athens, Maribor, Budapest (2015 and 2018), Maastricht, Hamburg, Madrid, London, Ljubljana, in Lisbon (coinciding with the 2017 BIEN Congress), Göteborg, and Barcelona.

Our last meeting and General Assembly was held in Berlin, 21-24 March 2019.


Transparency is a core value of our movement. UBIE members receive regular updates on the Core Group’s activities and decisions, they also have full access to all working documents (except sensitive personal data).