Unconditional Basic Income Europe

Thomas Paine

Payments were to go to every person, rich or poor, healthy or disabled. It is a right, and not a charity, that I am pleading for.

Brian Eno

Basic income is an idea that says: we believe that all people are potentially creative and should be given the chance to express that.

Naomi Klein

That’s why I talk about basic income: there has to be a stronger social safety net, because when people don’t have options, they’re going to make bad choices.

Götz Werner

Our mistake in thinking is that income is the payment of work. In fact, the reverse is true: the income is the prerequisite of work. Because we have an income, we can work.

Our Mission


Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is an international network connecting activists and initiatives from 25 countries. We advocate for the implementation of Basic Income in Europe and its recognition as a Universal Human Right. As a result of our efforts, basic income is now entering the policy agenda in many European countries and on a European Union (EU) level. Together with you, we want to push this development even further.

Positions – Debates – Ideas
No Simple Policy – Designing a European Basic Income

No Simple Policy – Designing a European Basic Income

The idea of a European universal basic income bears potential as a palpable way of delivering on the promise of ‘social Europe’. However, many proposals remain vague. We outline a concrete policy design for an EU-wide basic income to foster debates on how such a policy could look like in practice.

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