What would a Basic Income at the European scale look like? How can UBI be situated within the current debates about welfare reform, the economy and citizenship? What first steps are needed to bring forward the idea? Which campaigns could be helpful to foster the debate?

Here you can read our Basic Income Visions for Europe – ideas and arguments from Europeans who come from different political and philosophical standpoints, all promoting the vision of an Unconditional Basic Income in Europe.





The views expressed in these articles are the personal positions of the respective authors. They do not necessarily correspond with the official positions of UBIE. If you are interested in contributing to this blog please write to: ulrich@ubie.org

UBI for a Brighter Future

This year’s UBI Nordic conference, “Visions for a Brighter Future” that took place in Oslo on the first weekend of April was a great success. A UBIE delegation of both “veterans” like Barb Jacobson and Manja Taylor, as well as members of the youth group, Alessandra...

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Basic income is not left or right, it’s forward

As the public debate on basic income grows, so too does interest in public opinion on basic income policy. Hence, the Dalia Research surveys on basic income support, the Ipsos Mori Survey (UK) and most recently, the last round of the European Social Survey, have all...

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A Liberal Euro-Dividend

Reflecting on the critical global challenges that we are soon to confront, it is important to consider the repercussions that an Unconditional Basic Income (UBI) for all European citizens would have for entrepreneurship, progress, fairness and sustainability, and to...

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Basic income: Creator of Entrepreneurs

Does technological advancement make Unconditional Basic Income inevitable? Perhaps not. But we need it to compensate for the speed of the social change this technology brings us.

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A Eurodividend for all Europeans

Europe is in deep trouble – economically, socially, and politically. A partial basic income paid to all Europeans could become the policy instrument that reconciles citizens with the idea of European integration.

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