Code of Conduct

As adopted by the Göteborg General Assembly, 25 March 2018

Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and welcoming organisation together. Therefore we ask all members and volunteers to follow the guidelines below.


You are ​responsible​ and ​ accountable​ for your own behaviour and attitudes expressed while working with UBIE. You cannot control the actions of others, but your reaction is up to you.


Diversity is our strength. You must respect the diversity of everyone involved. Therefore any use of discriminatory/abusive language or inappropriate behavior pertaining to the race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, culture or physical attributes of any team member will not be tolerated.

Conflict Management:

We are committed to positive, constructive conflict management. We ask that you:

  • Discuss​ an issue or concern as it affects you, rather than placing blame or making accusations.
  • Before assuming a conflict exists, ask for clarification​ to avoid misunderstanding. Keep communication open and seek to understand the other person’s position.

Conflict can be healthy and productive if resolved with sensitivity, understanding and respect for everyone involved. At all times, the needs of our organisation, the community and functioning of the team should be the priority in achieving resolution.

If after more than one attempt the conflict is not resolved, the Core Group via​ should be contacted to provide a mediation team of two to help resolve the issue.

Equipment and resources:

  • Treat all UBIE equipment and resources with care​ (including virtual and cloud resources).​ Any problem, difficulty or breakdown must be reported to the UBIE member responsible for that resource immediately.
  • Members and volunteers who have access to personal data are expected to sign UBIE’s Data Protection Agreement.
  • Members and volunteers are not allowed to share the resources of UBIE with third parties​ without the express permission of the Core Group.

Time management:

Honour your agreements.​ If, for any reason, you cannot do something, or attend a working meeting you have agreed to, ALWAYS give the people you are working with appropriate notice; this is vital because we are working together for change and must stay on task.

UBIE Membership Responsibilities:

Agree to the ​Charter​ and Constitution​ of UBIE and abide by the Code of Conduct.

Participate in the ​democratic process​ with respect by keeping well informed, in order to further the goals and objectives of UBIE.

Essential information is shared via email to all members; members should ensure they receive these emails and read them.

The ​Core Group​ is the body that governs the UBIE’s mandate, direction, goals, policies and procedures. ​General Assemblies​ will be held with advance notice at least once a year and notice of motions and new projects requiring the approval of the general membership will be sent in advance, according to our constitution.

The Core Group is elected and empowered by the General Assembly to hold fiduciary duty and liabilities, carry out the legal requirements of the UBIE and direct the fulfilling of strategic plans, projects and programmes as agreed by the General Assemblies.

Committees​ and working groups​ are delegated the responsibility to carry out activities and tasks as agreed and report to the Core Group and/or General Assembly.

Members are required to ​invest and contribute time, resources and talents​ to build and sustain the ongoing mutual benefit of UBIE and our community as appropriate within their capabilities and circumstances:

  • Be responsible to commitments​ and ensure that if needed, due to circumstance, duties and tasks regarding UBIE are passed on or carried out by others;
  • Attend​ board and/or working group and committee meetings, by electronic means if necessary. If it is not possible to attend, read and respond to motions/decisions within the timelines given, online. Failure to respond/vote in time will be taken as assent;
  • Ensure that objections to proposals, policies or motions are well-founded​, based on available information and amendments or alternative ideas are presented in good faith. Otherwise, the member may abstain and allow the process to unfold according to consensus or majority vote.

Incidents of violating the UBIE’s code of conduct, including universal human rights, can result in suspension or withdrawal of membership as set out in our constitution.

The Core Group reserves the right to keep confidential specific or personal details of violations leading to suspension, withdrawal and/or termination of membership, in accordance with EU law.