EYE2018: UBIE youth at European Parliament

Let's bring basic income to Strasbourg!
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I’m a french activist for basic income. I started to act for this idea in 2013 with the French movement for basic income. I’m working as a communication officer and I love agile methods to work with groups

Camille Lambert

France, Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base

I’m called Corentin Blanco, I joined the French UBI movement in January as a volunteer. Currently I am the Public Relations secretary and I’m working on a project to gather all the French mayors interested by an experiment in their town !

Corentin Blanco

France, Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base

Italian, born in Brussels and living in Maastricht, I feel more than anything a European citizen. After having studied politics and society in Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands, I am currently writing my thesis about a feminist case for UBI

Alessandra Bianchi


20 participants from 10 nationalities

Whether they are students, UBI researchers, UBI advocates or just new members discovering the world of EU advocacy, together they will increase their EU citizenship thanks to participation at this event.

Coordinator of the project, Speaker at UBI Roundtable. I advocate for basic income in France and Europe since 2015. Within UBIE, I belong to the Agrarian Basic Income group and European Child UBI.

Aurélie Hampel

French in Spain, UBIE

I graduated with two bachelor degrees in Political Sciences and Law, followed by a gap year travelling through South America. I am currently working as a humanitarian aid worker in Serbia for an NGO that supports refugees throughout the Balkans. I have always been interested in socio-economic issues, which led me to have a closer look at the Universal Basic Income and to join UBI. I believe everyone should proactively stand for the change they want to see in the world.

César Colmant

Belgian in Serbia

Self-development aficionado, passionate about life and helping people reach a new level in their infinite potential. Join me in the quest of leveling the human species up.
Current focus: Growth hacking, blockchain, & A.I.

Jure Jakomin

Slovenian in Amsterdam

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Barcelona, in the department of political science. My thesis is looking into the attention dynamics towards basic income policy. I am very interested in experiments and how we can learn from individual preferences and behaviour. Previously to this, I completed a Masters’ from the same university and BSc on Politics and International Relations from the University of Bath, UK. This year I have been elected as Secretary for the Unconditional Basic Income Europe network.

Leire Rincón

Spain, UBIE

I’m a young activist and software developer currently focused in technological projects (including those linked to blockchain) that have the potential to change the world.

Daniel Muñoz


First goal: 4000€

To pre-book accommodation and our travel tickets for 20 participants








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