Visual concept of the Wow! Basic Income! co-creative exhibition

This UBIE Working Group’s first and foremost aim is to prepare the Citizens Take Over Europe‘s Wednesday plenary meetings and to establish contacts to other member organisations.

Secondly we will discuss how we can best feed in the idea of the conjunction of a UBI to the European Citizenship in the Conference on the Future of Europe and beyond.

Citizens Take Over Europe is coordinated by:

Gerald-Christian Heintges

Gerald-Christian Heintges

Gerald-Christian Heintges, born 1961, has studied Scandnavian Philology, Modern History and European Ethnology and lived inter alia in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Montreal and Brussels.

For more than 10 years he has been lobbying for a European Association Statute and has been involved in several pro-European organizations during his lifetime. He is a strong advocate of a European Republic with equality in front of the law as the fundament of the European Union in regard to voting rights, taxation and access to social security including a UBI as a fundamental social right for each and every Citizen of the Union.


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