Social Pillar Working Group

The EU’s Social Pillar could give a new impetus to Basic Income. However, this requires progressive movements to break with their old position of linking personal social security to personal market income, i.e., to classical work. The EU’s social pillar, as a program, will be successful if social security becomes a civil right. I consider this paradigm shift to be important and I am happy to be involved in the work on it in the frame of a working group within UBIE.
András Lázár

András Lázár

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Originally I am an electrical engineer, but have finished University of Economical Science as well. I worked as Head of Department of Industrial Projects in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, senior manager at Hungarian Development Bank, Executive Director at Postabank, and finally I finished my career as Advisor to the Minister of Finance of Hungary.
73 years old but I still have ideas and show enthusiasm.

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