Wow! Basic Income!

Creating a Collaborative Exhibition

Visual concept of the Wow! Basic Income! co-creative exhibition

Basic Income promises security and freedom and yet is a personal and social challenge. Neither promise of paradise, nor a path to disaster, leads it away from the “must” and the “should”, towards the “yes, we can” and “we will”. With our exhibition we would like to encourage everyone to engage in a lively debate.

How does it feel to live in a society with a basic income? How would basic income affect my personal way of life? How would basic income become reality? What might the outcome be when people accept and deal with the freedom and responsibility linked to a basic income?

WOW! BASIC INCOME! is a mobile co-creative exhibition. It is intended to strike a chord, inspire and stimulate people all over Europe to think about life and the creation of an Unconditional Basic Income. The exhibition provides the opportunity for dialogue. Ideas for the future of society can be discussed – a future with the human being at the centre. People are a good enough reason for the Unconditional Basic Income!

Eight perspectives are at the core of the exhibition:

  • concepts of a “good life”
  • sustainable economy and the idea of sharing
  • opportunities of an Unconditional Basic Income for a common Europe
  • the human being – work and leisure
  • the person as the self-determined basis of democracy
  • digitisation, globalisation and the crisis of paid employment
  • precariousness and poverty
  • stages of Unconditional Basic Income

Watch the “Basic Income Tea” episode from 31 January 2021 on the Wow! Basic Income! exhibition project

The exhibition will enrich and inspire the public debate about Unconditional Basic Income throughout Europe with fresh impulses.

A team of volunteers from Hamburg, with support from the creative agency “facts & fiction” has created a vision, designed a visual concept for the exhibition, and built a network of partners. Now we are ready to take the decisive steps towards implementation.

Join us on this exciting journey! Visit our website to find out how you can be part of it:

Questions? Drop a mail to the working group’s coordinators Otto Lüdemann and Rainer Ammermann at: