How does it feel to live in a society with a basic income? How would basic income affect my personal way of life? How would basic income become reality? What might the outcome be when people accept and deal with the freedom and responsibility linked to a basic income?

For most people basic income seems to be far from being a realistic option. That is why discussing these questions is often possible only at a mere abstract, utopian or academic level. The UBI Future Lab is a long-term project that aims to offer people opportunities to immerse in the idea of basic income, allowing not only a deeper reflection, but also an emotional confrontation with the roots and implications of an unconditional basic income.

A team of volunteers from Hamburg is currently preparing to develop a co-creative experience exhibition. The concept will be designed in cooperation with the agency facts & fiction as soon as the needed funding is available.

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(Otto Lüdemann and Rainer Ammermann)