UBIE Youth Group

The UBIE Youth Group is the youth-led faction of the organisation, actively involving youth in various activities that promote the implementation of UBI from the perspective of youth in Europe.
At the moment, the UBIE Youth Group is preparing for its active participation in the European Youth Event 2021. A group of 30 young people from all over Europe will representent the organisation at the event, while also hosting a workshop to raise awareness of Basic Income as a transformative policy for the future of Europe, benefitting youth, as well as every citizen!
Maria Dolores Teresa Quirimit

Maria Dolores Teresa Quirimit

Working Group Coordinator

Maria lives in Athens, Greece and is a student in the Faculty of Turkish Studies and Modern Asian Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her work with different NGOs in Greece made her determined to fight for a fair world and to inspire people to speak up about their truth and the problems of modern societies. A passionate youth who wants to cooperate with brilliant minds and is ready to bring “The Change” into the world.

“Basic income is timeless. No matter in which generation you are, its purpose is to unite and give voice to those who hope for a better future and take action. For those who are not afraid to dream big, they will be the ones who will be written in history”

Antonios Triantafyllakis

Antonios Triantafyllakis

Coordinator of the group's participation at the EYE

Antonis has been an active member of UBIE since its founding, after supporting the preceding ECI campaign. He is a passionate learning designer, international youth worker and gamification consultant, who combines his professional work with volunteering for Basic Income as a way to achieve equality.

“If I had an Unconditional Basic Income I would have probably followed a similar path in life, but I would have been able to afford many more opportunities for development earlier on and without the constant stress of precariousness”

Get Involved!

Are you young (16-30) or working with youth? Then this group is for you!
Contact Maria at maria@ubie.org and join our Youth Group!