Abstracts from “The future of basic income research” conference (26-27 June 2015) at the European University Institute, Florence.

Pedro Texeira – Financing a Basic income in Portugal: between desirable and achievable
Robin Jessen and Davud Rostam-Afschar – An economically Feasible Basic Income proposal for Germany
Che Wagner – Direct democracy and Switzerland
Lorenz Lauer and Robert Lepenies – Basic Income, Direct Cash and Normative change
Caitlin McLean – Building the evidence Base: How existing social policy research can inform future debates about basic income
David Calnitsky – More normal than welfare: The Mincome experiment, stigma and community experience
Louise Haagh – Freedom, the Economy and Institutions – Analytical Blind-spots in BI Research
Karl Widerquist – Economic, political and public relations aspects of a basic income pilot project
Giacomo Pisani – Basic income in postfordism
Maciej Szlinder – Basic income against capitalism: relative wage and contemporary class struggle
David Jenkins – UBI Distribution 2.0
Julija Sardelic – BI and its potential impact on vulnerable minorities: a case study on the position of Roma in Europe
Juri Viehoff – A Pluralist Justification For an EU Social Minimum: 
Why Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsirpas Should Both Be on Board?
Elena Pribytkova – UBI or a decent social minimum?
Blake Wilson – The use of eminent Domain in the pursuit of a basic income
Eric Fabri and Marc Antoine Sabate – Property and UBI
Darian Meacham and Matthew Studley – General purpose robotics and the case for an automation tax funded UBI
Neil Howard – Basic Income and the Contemporary anti-slavery movement
Jose Noguera and Jurgen de Wispaelaere – The political feasibility of a basic income: a research agenda
Johanna Perkiö – Ideational approach to the political feasibility of basic income
Cristina Blanco Sio Lopez and Josefina Cuesta Bustillo – Factors of a qualitative shift: Distilling ILO Supranational Basic Income Principles into EU, National and Civil Society Structures as a Response to the Economic Crisis
Anca Gheaus – Basic income and feminism
Philippe Van Parijs – The future of basic income research

Abstracts can be found when available on the website below