On the 20th of every month, UBIE has been organising, encouraging, and contributing to “Basic Income Beer” events across Europe. The idea is very simple and friendly – people meet in bars, cafés and restaurants in order to discuss basic income and related subjects.

Usually during Basic Income Beer events, the idea is that individuals with knowledge about basic income, such as UBIE members, meet and interact with individuals who want to learn more. This is also a method for spreading awareness of basic income as a general idea and concept for social, economic, and ecological transformation.

These events have been taking place for quite some time, for example in Berlin and Stockholm. However, due to the Corona pandemic, physical meetings have become more or less impossible. To meet this challenge we have switched to a new format with digital meetings. Thereby, UBIE is hoping that more people will be able to participate in friendly and open discussions about basic income.

Basic Income Beer goes digital

Recently we organised the first online UBIE Basic Income Beer with special help from our member Petr Izmaelson Newtonov from the Czech Republic. You are welcome to participate by downloading the Discord app and joining our Basic Income Beer channel for the future. Take a chance to meet with others from Europe interested in basic income, get your questions answered and have fun while doing so!

Photo by elevate from PxHere