We often talk about Unconditional Basic Income nowadays. This subject divides the political parties, the leaders of economy, social organisations and even ordinary citizens. Lots of people see this as an only solution and others without the slightest understanding of the idea discard it outright.

To understand the concept and to get it better known internationally and nationally, since it’s founding day in 2011 The First Hungarian Unconditional Basic Income Association (FNA Egyesület) in co-operation with Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE) have been trying to join forces and co-ordinate the civil organisation’s work. We decided the goal of the Association is that the European Union will put the idea on it’s agenda giving all Europeans without being at the mercy of others the possibilities of a better life.

The First Hungarian Basic Income Association in co-operation with UBIE organises now an International Conference with the participation of 12 countries expert specialists in Budapest. Here the concept and it’s feasibility will be explained by expert speakers specialising in the subject.

We welcome all who are supporters of the Basic Income, who do not have information about it but are curious and also those who have reservations but enthusiasm and are action driven! May we be able to convince you all.

We are confident that at this event we will introduce a better view and give more information to everyone who is interested in the subject.

In this spirit, we cordially invite you to the international conference:

20-21 November 2015
There is no freedom without basic income –
Unconditional Basic Income for the inevitable solution