What should the EU prioritise when responding to the future of work? As Universal Basic Income supporters, we couldn’t have anticipated better turnout at the European Youth Event 2018.

On June 1-2 every two years, some 8000 participants rush through the gates of the parliament acting as one demographic conscience. The climate, immigration and the nature of employment are debated throughout the activity-crammed weekend.

On the question above, it was evident that Universal Basic Income was a hot topic. It ranked second in the polls at the Parliament, after Education, and was included in the subsequent the EYE Report, although as a conditional supplement to current welfare. Hearings on specific subjects are scheduled at the European Parliament in Autumn 2018.

Unconditional Basic Income Europe was present at the event, raising issues with several MEPs including Julie Ward, Terry Reintke and Maddy Delvaux. The idea has gained strength in recent years and our firm impression is that it’s an established notion among the participants for tackling unemployment and the lingering threat of automation. Obviously, it requires further support in detail, practical application and impact on an individual, national and European level before we can evaluate possible directions.

Our members reflect on the weekend:

”I go back home with the renewed hope that this is a good solution, the right thing to put forward”  – Alessandra, Maastricht

”Now, I know a little bit about how MEPs think on this issue” – Leire, Barcelona

”I feel more European now, I used to be connected to people in France, but speaking with each other now, we change things together” – Corentin, Lille


EYE2018 aftermovie

Keep on sharing your ideas for a better Europe! You are the #EYE2018 <3

Gepostet von European Youth Event am Freitag, 8. Juni 2018