Learn, discuss and build a European campaign with Unconditional Basic Income Europe! Let us try to understand together the political opportunities and challenges of making basic income a hot topic in the political marketplace of ideas in the European Union. Join us for the first European Summer School of UBIE in Barcelona, 13-16 September 2018!

The main outcome of the Summer School should be a concrete campaign plan to promote basic income during the 2019 European Elections. To achieve this, we plan to structure the programme in the following way:

  • Thursday 13th: Welcome Dinner
  • Friday 14th: Lectures and roundtables with invited experts from European and local politics, academia and civil society
  • Saturday 15th: Workshops to develop a campaign plan for UBIE for the 2019 European Elections
  • Sunday 16th: Consolidating the results and sightseeing in Barcelona with UBIE activists!

UBIE does not have a huge budget to back up organising this event – which means that it can only be a success if you lend us a hand already for the preparations. Please indicate in the registration form how you can contribute to make it happen.

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We have limited resources to support participation costs for UBIE members who otherwise could not attend. If you need this, please write to barcelona2018@ubie.org.