Learn, discuss and build a European campaign with Unconditional Basic Income Europe! Let us try to understand together the political opportunities and challenges of making basic income a hot topic in the political marketplace of ideas in the European Union. Join us for the first European Summer School of UBIE in Barcelona, 13-16 September 2018!

The main outcome of the Summer School should be a concrete campaign plan to promote basic income during the 2019 European Elections.

Thursday, 13th September

  • Welcome Dinner

Friday, 14th September

Lectures and roundtables with invited experts from European and local politics, academia and civil society.

  • Putting UBI on the local political agenda: pilots & experiences
    Lluís Torrens, Bru Laín, Ina Dhimgjini, Eda Tahiraj
  • Lobbying parties & parliaments
    Ronnie Cowan, Julie Ward, Julen Bollain
  • Basic Income policies on European Level
    José Noguera, Elena Ambruhl, Eda Tahiraj
  • Telling the Basic Income story: audiovisuals in campaigning (movie and discussion)
    Mayte Quintanilla

Saturday 15th, September

Workshops to develop a campaign plan for UBIE for the 2019 European Elections.

  • How to organise an EU-wide campaign
  • Working with the Theory of Change model
  • Campaign planning workshops

Sunday, 16th September

  • Consolidating the results
  • Sightseeing in Barcelona with UBIE activists

More details on the programme to follow soon.

We’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to help to fund this event as well as the rest of our 2019 election campaign. Please donate if you can and share the link with your family, friends and colleagues!