It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the UBIE General Assembly 2022 in Prague – finally a real life meeting for basic income advocates! Beyond the official agenda points of the GA, we planned an inspiring and creative mix of presentations, debates, and working group sessions.

The meeting will take place Friday, 20 May to Monday, 23 May with the option of joining online. A special networking meeting with Czech civil society activists is planned for Monday afternoon. Speakers at the meeting will include:

  • Gabriela Cabaña – anthropologist, PhD researcher at London School of Economics and Political Science and part of the Chilean Basic Income Network
  • Magdalena Davis – biologist and environmental manager, Co-chair of the Czech Green Party Strana zelených since January 2020, mayor of Mníšek pod Brdy
  • Adrienne Goehler – freelance journalist and curator in Berlin; former President of the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg; former Senator for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin
  • Marek Hrubec – philosopher and sociologist at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
  • Angelina Kussy – anthropologist, PhD Fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, member of the Spanish Universal Basic Income Network
  • Helena Norberg-Hodge – founder and director of the international non-profit organisation, Local Futures, a pioneer of the new economy movement, and the convenor of World Localization Day
  • Vivan Storlund – researcher with a focus on human rights and theories of social justice as standards, PhD in law from the University of Helsinki, has also worked with teachers’ unions in Finland and internationally
  • Karl Widerquist – professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University-Qatar, co-chair of BIEN 2010-2017
  • Tadeáš Žďárský – Czech degrowth activist, works for the NGO NaZemi, one of the co-founders of the Degrowth Academy and the Czech degrowth working group

Click here to see the full programme and to register, whether you’re planning to come to Prague or connect virtually. Only registered persons will receive the access information.

The meeting is organised by the UBIE Core Team and the Unconditional Basic Collective in Prague.